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Information for families during the Coronavirus

1. How to Protect Yourself 2. Protect Your Family 3. Manage Anxiety & Stress 4. Symptoms & Testing 5. Talking to your children about COVID-19: Please fill free to contact me via email or phone (my office phone sends me voice messages) during the time we are away from school. Leave an email or phone number so I can reach you. Sincerely, Nurse Mitchell

I am the school nurse for all the B/C House 2nd-5th students.  I have posted some forms under the "Useful Links" tab that include Asthma Action plans (Spanish and English), Seizure Action plans (Spanish and English), Allergy and Anaphylaxis plans (Spanish and English),  Parent Permission/Physician Order Form, and Guidelines for Sick Child in School.  If you have any questions regarding medications or nursing care during school, please feel free to contact me.

Letter From the Nurse’s Office

Welcome to the new 2019-20 school year! Just a few reminders and healthful hints from your Hess School Nurses! 

Medical History Questionnaire:  This form is to be completed by parents/guardians each year. It is important to be able to stay informed of any changes in your child’s health status, new medical concerns, and current medication regimens.  Please return these forms to your child’s teacher/house nurse as soon as possible.


Medications:  Whenever possible, medication should be scheduled during non-school hours. However, in the event your child needs medication during school hours you can contact the nurse’s office to obtain the necessary medication paperwork.  The “Permission to Administer Medication” form must be completed by both the child’s doctor and parent and returned to the school nurse prior to any dose being administered at school by anyone other than the parent/guardian. ALL medications (prescription and non-prescription) must be brought in by the parent/guardian (hand-delivered) in the original container, sealed, and labeled with the child’s name.  Children should NEVER transport medication to school in their backpacks or lunch boxes.  This includes all over-the-counter medications and cough drops.

Screenings:  All students will be screened based on their grade levels state mandated requirements.  This may include scoliosis, vision and/or hearing plus height, weight, and blood pressure. If there is an abnormal finding, parents will be notified by letter. Please contact the school nurse if you have any concerns regarding your child and the screening process.                        

Illness/Injury:  If your child is ill or injured during school hours, he/she will be assessed by a Registered Nurse and you will be contacted.  Please be sure all phone numbers and health care information are kept current throughout the school year.

Children with a temperature of 100 degrees or higher will be sent home immediately.  Please keep students home from school until they remain fever-free (below 100 degrees) for 24 hours without fever-reducing medication.   Children with other symptoms of a possibly communicable disease will also be sent home from school at the discretion of the school nurse.  If your child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness, such as flu or strep throat, please notify the school nurse.

Lice:  Head lice are a common community problem. They are not dangerous and do not transmit diseases.  The school nurse will notify the parent of any findings of lice or nits on their child. The parent/guardian will be required to immediately pick up their child if live lice are found.  The student will not be permitted to return to school until the parent brings the child into the health office (the student may not ride the bus), they are evaluated by the nurse and she deems the treatment was successful/cleared to return to class.  

Food Allergies:  Please be aware of food allergies that are present in your child’s classroom when sending in treats/snacks during classroom parties.  Certain snacks could cause a potentially life-threatening situation in some students at the Hess school.  We encourage parents to consider books, pencils, or other non-food items for birthdays, parties, and end of year celebrations. 

Have a safe and healthy school year!!!


Your Hess School Nurses

Amanda Carty BSN, RN, CSN Amanda Mitchell BSN, RN, CSN Hess A House Nurse Hess B/C House Nurse 609-476-6114         609-476-6132